Booking Rental

To make a booking follow the steps in the websight. In every step you need to fill in personal details concerning your booking. Please fill in your information accurately.

Payment upon rental date

When you make a booking with us, deposit payment and credit card information is not required. Payment is necessary on the pick up date of the car, either in cash or by credit.

Last minute Booking

To make a booking 48hours before you take off you can place your order only by calling at +30 2310 558900. The same is required for bookings that are placed in less than 3 days.

Driver Age

Driver Age: The minimum age limit of the driver is 21 for categories A, B, C and 23 for all categories. The maximum age limit for a driver is 75 years old.

Driver’s License

The driver must have a driver’s license for at least one year. For residents outside the European Union it is required that they hold an International Driver’s License and passport or identification card. At the start of the pick up date the driver and second driver must have with them their Driving License and Passport or Identification Card. If the driver does not have a Driving License, passport or Identification card or any of these is not authentic or valid, the rental can not be done. The Driver’s License, Passport or Identification Card must be authentic and Valid, fax or photocopies ar not accepted.

Insurance-FDW-Mixed Insurance

For any possible material damage that will occur to the car - Theft Insurance without involvement.

Liability Insurance for : a) Physical injuries to third party per victim 1.000.000,00 euros b) material damage to third party per accident is up to 1.000.000,00 euro- Personal accident of driver resulting to death and partial or total disability is up to 15.000,00 euro.The driver who rented the car is in charge of the compensation and restoration of all the damage that occurred in the accident (death, physical injuries and material damage to third party as well as to tha car of GM) if proven that. the car was driven under the influence of drug use or alcohol or any other hallucinogens. After an accident he didn’t stop and didn’t take the required measures, such as to contact the GM or the police(100), to write down names and adresses of the people involved in the accident, as well as not move the car from the place where the accident took place before the police and insurance representative of the company arrive. Used the car for unfair and illegal purposes, for example, smuggling, theft, illegal transport of objects and goods. Was driving the car overloaded, for example, within the car there are 4 seatbelts for 4 passengers, but the car was carrying 5 passengers. The car was driven by someone else rather than the person whose name was written on the payment contract. Used the car for racing purpuses. Drove the car onto prohibited roads, such as, beaches, rocky roads, mountains etc. Drove the car without follwing the traffic regulations and codes of road and vehicle use, for example, violation of red traffic lights meaning STOP, speed limit, entering the opposite lane, etc. The person who has rented the car is solely responsible for damages on the bottom part of the car, for the wheels, the tires, the car's antenna, the wipers, windshields, the inner fabric lining of the car, the locks, the babycarseat, the battery(due to neglection of the lights not being turned off at the time of the car being parked) as well as the loss of the car keys.

Further Insurance

You can make further insurance to your booking. WUG is an insurance which covers damages on the bottom part of the car, the tires, the rims, and the mirrors.

Drop off – Pick up

At the airport. We offer 24hour service at the airport of thessaloniki, where we are located. One of our representative will be waiting for you after the area of baggage claim (the area where relatives and friends await) holding a written sign with the name of our company on it GM, and your name as well. Please inform us at the booking the exact time of arrival, airline, and flight number. From 8:00 am until 21:00 pm the drop off -pick up of the car is Free of charge. From 21:00 pm until 08:00 am the drop off -pick up of the car charged 15 euros extra. Extra charges are automatically calculated when you fill out your booking application in the area of time for arrival- return. In the case of your flight having a delay, and the car needs to be delivered after 21:00 pm and is charged with the extra 15 euros. Drop off – pick up at a hotel. We are4 able to provide the car at any hotel or place within the city of Thessaloniki. This service cost depends on the distance that the car needs to be delivered. Our representative will be waiting for you at the reception desk of the Hotel. For bookings that concern Hotels please give us a call at : +30 2310 558.900.)

Drop off – pick up at different location

At different location. You are able to pick up and drop off the car at a diferent location ( for example, pick up at a Hotel, pick up at the airport). This service has an extra charge.

Baby car seat

The baby car seats are obliged here in Greece and therefore are provided free of charge. If you need one or two, you must order them during booking. For safety purposes, the car seats must be fastened by you. In case you bring the baby car seats dirty or damaged, there is an extra charge.


With us you can order the following : GPS Navigator for 2 euros per day. Winter tires for 4 euros per day.

Petrol is paid by the person who has rented the car.

The car is droped off and picked up with the same amount of petrolgas (for example if it is ¼ your bring back ¼).

Payment method . In cash upon the starting day of rental. Credit card Visa or Mastercard.

For every payment we ask for a warranty a credit card with the name of the driver or 200 euros.

Boarded on ship. The car transportation by ship is only available with the written approval of GM.

Renting outside the borders of Greece is not allowed.

Booking cancelation

If cancellation takes place 15 days prior to the date of reservation, no amount is charged. If a deposit has been sent, it is refunded. In case of cancellation less than 15 days prior to the date of reservation, the deposit is kept by GM Rent A Car agency. The cancelation can be done by e-mail or phone at +30 2310 558.900. please inform us as soon as possible. If cancelation or change occurs after the charging date it is not GM's responsibility. There is no refund if you decide to return the car before the designated date of rental or the cancelation.

Change of booking

You are able to change the booking within 7 days before the charging date. The change can be done by e-mail or phone at : +30 2310 558.900. if the change affects the cost, you have to make a new booking. The first booking is cancelled and the second is accepted. Changes after the charging date for example, payment extension, change of drop off, change of time have to be made as soon as possible. In case the change is made in less than 7 days before the charging date you may have a long delay of car pick up by GM.

Replacement car

After breakdown mechanical or accident, the vehicle changes within 48 hours.

Within the high season 1.06. - 30.09. Every year, we reserve the right to change the vehicle within 72 hours. 

Force Majeure

GM is not responsible for theft or other circumstances that are the cause of force majeure for example, War, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, strikes, etc.

Customer service, for information concerning bookings, rentals, you can contact us at our 24hour service +30 2310 558.900 or send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



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